Garden Hills

We believe that we have an obligation to contribute to our country where we live and work. Through the efforts of the company we strive to tangibly improve the lives and living conditions of our neighbors. As active corporate citizens, we've learned that investing in communities -- with the goal of making a real difference - is not easy. There are many good causes, many strong organizations and many people who could benefit from additional resources. Choosing where to invest can be difficult. Through our many years of experience, however, we've found that one characteristic can determine the success. Egyptian Arab Company for modern building and reconstruction S.A.E was founded on 09/09/2008; the company owns 150 acres in the sixth of October city, North expansions area. The project consists of 203 buildings representing 4,176 residential units in addition to services Area consisting of Hospital, school, Sporting Club, shopping mall. The residential unit consists of two models T100 with an area of 130 and ModelT150 for an area of 200 meters/ per apartment, to be delivered to clients semi finished. It is far away by around 20 Km from Lebanon square in Mohandeseen , and surrounded by Sheikh Zayed City and the Cairo Alex Road. The Whole city is Located baside many touristic and services projects such as Carrefour , Hayper One Market , and other commercial Malls . Among with many educational organizations (schools and universities ).
Garden Hills Compound 6 October | كمبوند جاردن هيلز 6 اكتوبر
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